How to clean and maintain your Nautika kitchen sink

The material used in our sinks is a high quality 18/8 chrome nickel steel which is metallurgically incapable of rusting or corroding in normal household conditions. It can, however, harbour ferrous particles from the water supply and these often occur with newer installations when the pipework is disturbed, or from 'wire' scouring pads or utensils. These filings get deposited and cling to the sink surface and unless removed will rust. In this instance we would recommend that the sink is cleaned thoroughly using a product either Cameo or Old Dutch. This should be sprinkled onto the sink and scrubbed into a paste and worked into the 'valleys' of the texture of the sink), and should be left on the sink for at least thirty minutes before thoroughly rinsing off and drying thoroughly.


Clean everyday by thoroughly rinsing with a mild soap, warm water and wipe dry.

• Rub lightly with a soft cloth in the direction of grain lines on a regular basis for additional preventive cleaning.
• Keep the sink free of any standing water as this can cause a buildup of mineral deposit, which can affect the appearance of your sink.
• Any stubborn stains should be removed by scrubbing in the direction of the grain with a mild abrasive such as Cameo and Old Dutch. Always rinse the sink after using any cleaning agent and wipe dry.
• Clean any mineral deposits built up over time with a mild solution of vinegar and water followed by a thorough flushing with water.
• Remove any scratches with a Scotch-Brite pad and cleaning agent rubbing in the direction of the grain. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR MIRROR FINISH.
• We advise you to use the products for the stainless Weiman as well as the magic eraser of Mr. Net.


• Leave water spots, steel cookware or utensils in the sink for lengthy period; iron particles often develop rust spots in the stainless steel surface.
• Use a steel wool or scoring pad as it damages the sink surface and causes discoloration.
• Let household cleaning agents or bleach sit in your sink for long periods of time as this may ruin the finish of your sink.
• Leave rubber mats, sponges or cleaning pads in the sink overnight as this will trap water and could stain and discolor the sink surface.
• Use any drain cleaning products containing sulfuric or hydrochloric acid as this will attack the sink. Silver cleaners can also contain acids that will damage the sink surface.
• Use the inside of the sink as a cutting surface. Leave any hand soap dispensers on the ledge of the sink , this will cause the ledge to discolor.



• Today, chlorides are found in most all soap, detergents, bleaches and cleansers; chlorides can be aggressive to stainless steel. However, chlorides are very water soluble. Therefore, THOROUGH RINSING of your sink after each use to remove any chloride residue and a weekly cleaning is all that is required to keep your sink looking bright and shiny.


• Like many metallic surfaces, your stainless steel sink will scratch. These are merely usage scratches and over time will blend into the overall finish of your sink with proper cleaning. Nautika offers several types of bottom grids to help protect your sink surface.


• Your sink is designed to serve as many things but not as a cutting board or chopping block. This type of use will lead to deep scratches in the sink finish and will dull your knives.

Water quality

• The quality of your water can affect your sink's appearance. If your water has a high iron content, a brown surface stain can form on the sink giving the appearance of rust. Additionally, in areas with a high concentration of minerals, or with over-softened water, a white film may develop on the sink.
• To combat these problems, we suggest that the sink be towel dried after use, and again, on a weekly basis, the sink should be cleaned using Cameo or Old Dutch to keep your sink looking like new.


Rust is not a usual problem in a stainless steel kitchen sink. However, rust particles from outside sources can contaminate and cause these ugly marks on your kitchen fixtures. To help solve this situation always use Cameo or Old Dutch.

Following these recommendations for the care and cleaning of your stainless steel sink will insure that it will provide you with many years of service.